I'am happy you’re here! My name is Leszek Król, I've been a part of the game industry since 2003. I noticed that many gamedev companies need reliable, professional help and solutions durning development and publishing process. That's why I founded University of Games - research center for indie game developers and young publishers.

Our community of professionals provide knowledge and practical solutions in the area of game design, game programming patterns and marketing including best business practices, success stories, and cautionary tales from those who have been where you want to go.

You have knowledge to share with the world and we’ll help you do just that

University of Games is a community site focused on creating high quality game development tutorials. Come join our ever-expanding content production team, from: mobile dame design consultants and business mentors to Unity3D programmers. The best in the business to improve processes and practices for your company.

I hope you jump in

This place is dedicated for everyone to share passion, knowledge and adventures in game industry. It will be home to in-depth explanations and ready to use solutions which help you solve problems and growth.

Now, thank everyone for the support and be a part of our family. Have fun, and good luck out there!Thanks to more than 15+ years of experience in the game industryYou have knowledge to share with the world and we’ll help you do just that

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