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How to make the perfect game pitch

The pitch is one of the most important parts of creating the success of any app or video game. It’s funny, but most developers do not pass the pitch stage. You have to know that, there is no exact to-do-list for creating the perfect pitch. Creating good pitch comes from being a good salesman.

Let’s start !

After a tone of hours of looking of investor or publisher, you found one. They interest in what your team can do, and a meeting time has been set up to discuss a potential partnership. From, now you starts your journey from the hard part — the pitch.

Pitching your idea to investors might be the most nerve aspect of starting your new business. You have to know that, pitch is most effective way to communicate a value proposition.

In the several minutes to present your idea, you have to focus on the key points of your presentation. Don’t go deep into explaining the mechanics, just get people interested. Use short, easy to understand bulletpoints why you think your idea is great. Do something to stand out there. Be clear, be memorable!

Show your potential

Do you have a prototype of your idea? Something that shows off why your title can be fun. Look for what makes people smile and don’t try to explain to players how to play it. Getting this done properly is best achieved with just going to any kind of public gaming showcase.

Being memorable

Being memorable is something you should think about. Something as simple as wearing a stupid yellow hat.

Remember to don’t waste people’s time!

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